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#Known, the #Indieweb, and one possible future for your digital life.

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I've started another blog (this one) which, based on my frequency of postings on Viewfinder some may say is a mistake, we'll see.

Known as gareth jordan, combines my attraction to Twitter, as a brilliant news and views platform, with a desire to grab back some control over my thoughts, pictures and sounds they have been captured for control and profit by these big companies.

I'm using a new platform called Known which, while it is still in beta, has the potential to be the centre of your online connectivity and creativity - allowing connection with the likes of Twitter, Facebook and more, all the time retaining ownership and control of your words & photos on your own site.

The inspiration for this came from my discovery of the work done by indieweb members - and this could be you - who are not only making free software to allow all this connectivity, but also driving the movement to retake control through their ideas and energy. 

The push for all this work, as explained by Dan Gillmore, is to allow you to  '...write in your personal blog and have a summary of your post show up on popular social-media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook – and then have responses on those sites show up as comments in your blog…'. 

This is still a very new idea which has an air of dense excitement, which anyone who has come across a new, exciting, geek driven, open, free software idea will recognise. If you're not one of these people, and I'm not, don't let this slightly inexplicable density put you off, there's something of a future web we should all want here.

Try this video introduction to the whole idea on Twit Netcast Network with Leo Laporte.

This is a cross post to see what appears where and how and with what hashtags, so expect to see one or two of these on Twitter.  Thank you.